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Ross Burt
11 Wilderness Court
Wilderness Road
   I have over 12 years experience working in the games industry, and have worked on a variety of projects in that time.  I bring energy and enthusiasm to the workplace, and my experience in not just Concept but also Animation and 3D packages give me an extra advantage when communicating with other team members throughout production.  I love to draw, and enjoy using that passion and commitment in my work every day.

Employment History

FREELANCE CONCEPT ARTIST          ( May 2013 - Present )

Territory Studio -  Storyboards, character design, style pitch frames

BBC - Character design / final character painted render

Team 2 / Litmus Games - Art direction,  concept design, asset creation 

Axis Animation - Character Cleanup/Rendering and environment concept

Digital M - Digital Stickers Concepts and Asset Creation

Liquid Crimson - Illustration and Storyboard Keyframes


Playfish London           (  Dec 2011 - May 2013 )

Job Title  - Senior Illustrator

Concept Team
              Worked on various pitches, producing pre-viz artwork and development

Concept Bootcamp
              Created and documented a series of briefs designed to take art team through the typical concept design process used in games
              Mentored individual artists within the bootcamp,  regularly documenting feedback 

The Sims Social - Facebook game
              Vector based asset creation of feature items for weekly themes
              Managing 'Feed Images' section of live game
              Concept and creation of environment artwork
              Assisting leads and mentoring colleagues

Brightlight Studio            ( 2006 – 2011 )

Job Title  - Lead Concept Artist

Published Titles
  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
Concept Artist on Boss Team,  Worked with Art Director and Design Team to create Storyboards for Various Boss Battles and FCA Action segments.  Storyboarding and Implementation of in-game Cut scenes

  Spare Parts
Lead Concept Artist
-Worked Closely with Art Director to create Style Guides
-Managed Outsourcing of Concept Art, creating briefs and giving feedback
-Worked with art and design to Brainstorm ideas
-Designed and Created Line Art for most of the games assets
-Produced a large number of final full colour concepts
-Created in-game textures
-Managed other artists, providing creative briefs and feedback
-Worked with Dev Managers to develop and manage Schedules

  Hasbro Family Game Night 2
Designed Environments,  mocked up Game screens, concepted rewards and character outfits
  Trivial Pursuit
Concept Artist, designed and created final in-game assets for Player Character Icons
Also produced game flow storyboards and marketing storyboards
  Hasbro Family Game Night DS
Created style guide for outsourcing, with example concept artwork
  Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Storyboard Artist – Worked closely with Art Director to create layered storyboards and assets for animatics
  Hasbro Family Game Night
Concept Artist – Designed various room themes, and rewards
Created in-game textures and icons
Modelled props for games room
Concept Artist – working in all areas of the game, from working closely with Design leads on storyboards,  leading brainstorms and creating storyboards for in-game moves, environment concepts, character concepts.

TC COMMUNICATIONS / MIZUNO         ( /2010/2011 Freelance )
            Character Concepts for Mizuno Football Ad. Campaign Pitch
            Character Concepts and Comic Pages for Mizuno Golf Ad. Campaign

VISUAL SCIENCE                      ( 2002 – 2006 )

Job Title – Artist

Published Titles
  Battlefield II – Modern Combat
Vehicle Modelling + Texturing– Next Gen Tanks with all next gen textures
  Carmageddon ( unpublished )
Concept Artist – Characters, Vehicles, Weapons
Level Design and Environment Modelling + Texturing
  Harry Potter – Quidditch World Cup
Character Concepts, Character Modelling + Texturing, In-Game Intro Animation
  F1 Career Challenge
Character Textures
  Various Concept Pitches
Concept Artist on a number of pitches, including CannonBall Run, Theme Park Horror, Lemmings, and more

PASSION PICTURES     ( 2003 Freelance )
Character Concepts for Sony Pitch

SELL OUT PICTURES                ( 2001 )

            Key Frame Animator – worked on short animated film ‘Promise Land’
Character Concepts for Promise Land and unreleased project


  Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design
- Bdes Hons ( 2/1 ) – Animation and Electronic Media
  Dundee College
-       Portfolio Course
  Blairgowrie High School
-       6 Higher Grades

  I enjoy Sketching, Cooking, Running, Cycling, Football, Comics, and of course, Video Games
  Favourite Games
-       Halo
-       Fifa
-       Street Fighter
-       Zelda WindWaker
-       Jet Set Radio Future
  Photoshop – Excellent
 Illustrator - Good
  Maya – Good
 Ability to Sketch Quickly
  Created and Self Published 2 issues of my comic ‘Astrofunk’

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