Monday, 17 October 2011

R A B Concepts


I'm a Concept Artist / Illustrator / Storyboard Artist with over 12 years experience working in the Video Games industry. I've been lucky enough to work with some fantastic teams and talented folks on such projects as The Sims Social, Battlefield 2, Harry Potter, Spare Parts, Zubo and more.  

I've worked with Electronic Arts, the BBC, Territory Studios, Playfish, Axis Animation, Team 2 games and more.

I love what I do, and enjoy sharing that enthusiasm and passion in the workplace. I love to draw, to create, to put pencil to paper or lightpen to screen. I sketch fast and work hard, producing high quality artwork in a variety of styles.  Jumping into the creative process with colleagues and exploring the artistic possibilities never gets dull.  If you'd like to hire me, I'd love to hear from you....

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You can also check out regular sketch updates here RAB TUMBLR

Dec 2014

Hi folks - there's a selection of new artwork popping up all over the site in different categories,  as I update from the past year's work,  and plenty more coming in the next few weeks.